A Collection of Original Music, written and produced by Brett Segal

All Song Written or Co-Written by Brett Segal, except All Along The Watchtower.

Original Songs

Safe Space (A Song) By The Disgruntled Millennial (MIX)

Eye’s On Me feat. Natassja

Epic Rap Battle (Obama vs. Lady Liberty) You Didn’t Build That!

Soon (A Love Song)

Don’t Come Back – Cristina Chiluiza and Brett Segal

Heavy On Me – Original Dubstep

Greatness – by Brett Segal (feat. FAYN)


You Call This Rap


The Individual Against The Collective – The Foutainhead Dubstep Machsup

Battlestar Galactica All Along the Watchtower (Bear McCreary) Dubstep Remix

The General  – Full Matal Jacket Mashup


Basha Shine Commercial


Rock / Military Cue

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