Music Videos (All Music Produced by Brett Segal)

I’m Jewish, Yo! (Pimp My Yarmulke) EXPLICIT

Like Yesterday – Day 4

Who’s The Pusher Now – Ellen Bukstel 

Mad World (Cover) feat. Brett Segal

Music Production

Chasing You – Zack Grail

Nobody’s Side – “Chess” (feat. Conor Walton)

Second Chance – Eric Vick

Hablame Sucio Feat. Joel And Mikey Mike

Two Things – Mindy Simmons

Sound Design

Spot Hot Commercial

“Carrie” Youtube Ad

Trailer Music / Sound Design /Cues / Scores

Epic Jewish History – The Laser

Sony Sizzle Reel 2013

Sony 2013 Interactive Reel

Standing Together With The IDF

Spot Hot Commercial

Pink Energy Drink Commercial

Diabolical Cue

Suspense Cue

Chase Cue

 Dark Cue

Fundraiser Videos (All Songs Written and Produced by Brett Segal) Corporate

A Few Small Miracles (Autism / Alzheimer’s)

I’m In Here (Autism / Alzheimer’s

There’s More To Me (Autism / Alzheimer’s)

Champion (Cerebral Palsy)



Voiceover Reel
Machinema Sizzle Reel
Machinema Imaging
MySPE (Sony Pictures Entertainment) Corporate Branding
Epic Jewish History – The Laser
Conservatory Prep Commercial
Trailer – Pimp My Yarmulke (I’m Jewish, Yo!)

Original Songs  / Beats / Mashups

Safe Space (A Song) By The Disgruntled Millennial (MIX)
Eye’s On Me feat. Natassja
You Call This Rap
Epic Rap Battle (Obama vs. Lady Liberty) You Didn’t Build That!
Soon (A Love Song)
Don’t Come Back – Cristina Chiluiza and Brett Segal

Beats / Cues

Basha Shine Commercial
The Individual Against The Collective – The Foutainhead Dubstep Machsup
Battlestar Galactica All Along the Watchtower (Bear McCreary) Dubstep Remix
Heavy On Me – Original Dubstep
The General  – Full Matal Jacket Mashup
Greatness – by Brett Segal (feat. FAYN)
Rock / Military Cue

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